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Nova Organic Public Company Limited will operate business with an emphasis on anti-fraud or anti-corruption and adhere to morals, ethics, and operate with transparency and responsible to all stakeholders.

In this regard, the Company has established guidelines for proper conduct of the Board of Directors, management, and employees in both business and employee ethics, which are part of “Corporate Governance” of the Company. Fraud or corruption are defined as “the practice or ignoring to practice in their position or abuse of power in position, violation of the law, ethics, rules or policies of the Company to seek personal benefits in various ways such as calling, receiving, offering, or giving away assets including any other benefits to government officials or any other person doing business with the Company.

Anti-Corruption Policy


Nova Organic Public Company Limited commits to conduct business with integrity and social responsibility. The Company has established a Whistleblowing Policy to serve as a channel for directors, executives, employees, customers, third parties to submit complaints or report evidence in case of fraud, Illegal action, breaching the rules or deviating from the Company’s policy and violating the Code of Business Conduct and Ethics to improve or proceed the business for accuracy, appropriateness, transparency, and integrity. The information of the whistleblower and the matter reported will be kept secret to prevent infringement of rights.

Whistleblowing Policy