NOVA, or NV, won the Watsons HWB Awards 2023 as the best-selling product for the sixth consecutive year.

We are a manufacturer and distributor of health and beauty supplements and herbs. It was revealed that the company is proud to receive the 2023 Watsons HWB Awards, or Watsons Health Wellness & Beauty Awards, for its “Donutt Total Fibely” product. Received the award in the category of Best Selling Food Supplement: Detox and Fiber or the Best Selling Product Award in the category of dietary supplements in the detoxification fiber category, which has been the most popular among consumers during the past year, and won the award for the 6th consecutive year.

“Winning the Watsons HWB Awards 2023 is a source of pride for the company. Because NV’s products can touch the hearts of consumers the most. And resulted in the best seller in Watsons for 6 consecutive years, thanks to consumers trust in choosing Donutt brand products. This reinforces the commitment to develop products that enhance the quality of products and have variety. It responds even more to consumer trends.”

For dietary supplements, Donutt Total Fibely (a honey-lemon-flavored detox drink) contains dietary fiber and natural extracts. Helps clean and eliminate dirt, waste, food residue, and toxins remaining in the intestines. Cleansing the intestines reduces the occurrence of various health problems, such as poor digestion. Alternating diarrhea, constipation, hemorrhoids, chronic abdominal pain, body odor, bad breath, acne, etc. Consumers can contact them for more information at 02-026-5888 and 02-417-9999, or on Facebook at Donutt Brand TH or Line ID: @donuttbrand.