Nova Organic Public Company Limited (NOVA), or NV, is part of the organization supporting the “Running for Opportunities” project.

On Sunday, February 12, 2023, Mrs. Yuphin Chanjutamard, Chief Executive Officer, and the management team from Nova Organic Public Company Limited jointly presented prizes to runners at the event “Running for Opportunities” on the occasion of the 24th anniversary of the Bangkok DrugStore. We campaigned for Thai people to take care of their health. Therefore, organizing a charity run Using the work name “Running for Opportunities” to bring proceeds from the application without deducting expenses to be donated to the juvenile detention and protection center in order to give opportunities to youth who have done wrong things, such as drug addicts, that society does not accept, you have the opportunity to improve yourself and be a good person in society. It is also the first running event to be held at Bangkok World, the new check-in point in Bangkok. Let everyone experience the atmosphere and beauty of this place.

In addition, a team of beautiful girls from (NOVA) or NV is also sent to attend the trade show. By bringing plant protein products, protein drinks made from peas, soybeans, and almonds, and ready-to-eat powder mixed with multivitamins (Donut brand), runners were distributed. And also issued a tasting booth for those who attended the event.

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